Real Story

Our story started from a small kitchen in our house in Muscat. Like every beautiful discovery in life, Zaad was founded because there was a ‘need’ for it. The nature of Hamad’s job required staying away in the desert for two consecutive weeks monthly. He always felt the need for a snack that gives him clean power during his working hours. On the other hand, Wiaam enjoyed making innovative and delicious dishes for friends and family to gather around.

Real Food

With a balanced mix, Wiaam created a blend from natural ingredients in just the right quantities: dates, nuts, dried fruits and seeds. Which resulted in a light, delicious, and natural snack. Just like what Hamad imagined it: real food!

Real People

What started as a power-snack has become a symbol of care and love for the people around them. It was their gift to their friends and relatives. And with time, it became a necessity to share these yummy, and nutrias bars with the rest of the world.Today, this delicious discovery is in your hands, we called it "Zaad" to become everyone's companion in their journeys towards achieving their aspirations and dreams in life. Zaad now operates in a kitchen fully equipped with the best ingredients picked locally and the passion of a small family.